List of speakers

  • Georgios Akrivis
    Implicit-explicit multistep methods for nonlinear parabolic equations.
  • Dimitra Antonopoulou
    A posteriori analysis for Space-Time, Discontinuous in time, Galerkin approximations for parabolic equations in a variable domain.
  • Sören Bartels
    Approximation of the elastic flow of inextensible curves and large bending isometries.
  • Angel Duran
    The Petviashvili method and its applications to generate solitary waves.
  • Alexandre Ern
    On stabilization for conservation laws.
  • Thierry Gallouet
    Convergence of gradient schemes for the Stefan problem.
  • Emmanuil Georgoulis
    Discontinuous Galerkin methods for mass transfer through semi-permeable membranes.
  • Raphaèle Herbin
    Staggered schemes for compressible flows.
  • Patrick Joly
    Asymptotic modelling of electromagnetic wave propagation in co-axial cables.
  • Theodoros Katsaounis
    A finite volume method for dispersive wave propagation.
  • Dietmar Kröner
    Phasefield models for flows with phase transition.
  • Angela Kunoth
    Adaptive approximations of control problems constrained by parametric parabolic PDEs.
  • Irene Kyza
    Error control and adaptivity for Schrödinger equations.
  • Stig Larsson
    Weak convergence of finite element approximations of semilinear parabolic stochastic PDEs.
  • Maria López–Fernández
    Variable time-stepping for retarded potentials.
  • Christian Lubich
    Stable FEM & BEM & leapfrog & convolution quadrature coupling for the wave equation.
  • Dimitrios Mitsoudis
    Helmholtz equation in a 2D waveguide with artificial boundaries.
  • Alexander Ostermann
    Strang splitting for Vlasov-type equations.
  • Cesar Palencia
    Operational calculus for Runge-Kutta quadrature operators.
  • Michael Plexousakis
    Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the linear Schr¨odinger equation in non-cylindrical coordinates.
  • Andreas Prohl
    Space-time discretization of the stochastic incompressible Navier-Stokes equation.
  • Jacques Rappaz
    Finite Element Approximation of a Nonlinear Stationary Stokes Problem Arising in Glaciology
  • Kunibert Siebert
    Adaptive space-time finite elements for parabolic problem.