List of Talks

  • Assyr Abdulle
    Random time-step probabilistic methods for uncertainty quantification in chaotic and geometric numerical integration.
  • Georgios Akrivis
    On the unconditional stability of implicit-explicit BDF methods.
  • Dimitrios Antonopoulos
    Standard Galerkin - fourth-order explicit Runge-Kutta full discretization of the shallow water equations.
  • Lehel Banjai
    Finite element methods for fractional powers of elliptic operators.
  • Sören Bartels
    Approximation of gradient flows for self-avoiding inextensible curves and elastic knots.
  • Andrea Cangiani
    A posteriori error estimation and adaptivity with general meshes.
  • Konstantinos Chrysafinos
    Discontinuous Galerkin time-stepping schemes for the Allen-Cahn equation.
  • Alexandre Ern
    Low-rank approximation of linear parabolic equations by space-time tensor Galerkin methods.
  • Patrick Joly
    Finite element solution of elastodynamics equations using a decomposition of the displacement fields into potentials.
  • Fotini Karakatsani
    On the error control for fully discrete approximations of the time-dependent Stokes equation.
  • Balázs Kovács
    L² error estimates for wave equations with dynamic boundary conditions.
  • Christian Kreuzer
    Quasi-optimality of parabolic spatial semi-discretisations.
  • Omar Lakkis
    Saint-Venant's equations with rain: modeling, analysis and computations.
  • Mats Larson
    Least squares stabilized Nitsche and shape optimization using parabolic evolution.
  • María López-Fernández
    Mosaic-free efficient algorithms for time-fractional differential equations.
  • Dimitrios Mitsoudis
    Imaging in a terminating waveguide.
  • Alexander Ostermann
    A low-rank splitting integrator for large-scale problems.
  • Daniel Peterseim
    Numerical simulation of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation with rough potentials.
  • Michael Plexousakis
    A finite element method for the Helmholtz equation with nonlocal artificial boundary conditions in a two-dimensional waveguide.
  • Ian Smears
    Time-parallel iterative solvers for parabolic evolution equations.