List of Talks

  • Georgios Akrivis
    The linearly implicit two-step BDF method for harmonic maps into spheres.
  • Mohammad Asadzadeh
    On the Nitsche’s approach for a finite element scheme for Vlasov-Maxwell system.
  • Lehel Banjai
    Runge-Kutta convolution quadrature for hyperbolic problems based on Gauss methods.
  • Konstantinos Chrysafinos
    Fully discrete approximations of the velocity tracking problem with pointwise-integral control constraints in time-space.
  • Alexandre Ern
    Invariant-domain preserving Runge-Kutta methods.
  • Emmanuil Georgoulis
    Hypocoercivity-exploiting stabilised finite element methods for Kolmogorov equation.
  • Patrick Joly
    Remarks on explicit time stepping for the DG space discretisation of linear Friedrichs systems.
  • Theodoros Katsaounis
    Optimisation methods for elastodynamics.
  • David Ketcheson
    How to approximate any evolution PDE by a hyperbolic PDE.
  • Christian Kreuzer
    Inf-sup theory for the Biot equations: analysis and discretisation.
  • Ulrich Langer
    Space-time finite element solvers for parabolic optimal control problems.
  • Mats Larson
    Strong stabilization of cut elements and explicit time stepping.
  • Stig Larsson
    A priori and a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin time-discrete methods via maximal regularity.
  • María López-Fernández
    Generalized convolution quadrature for sectorial problems.
  • Christian Lubich
    Time-dependent electromagnetic scattering from thin layers.
  • Charalambοs Makridakis
    Neural network approximations to evolution problems.
  • Vanja Nikolić
    Asymptotic-preserving finite element discretization of quasilinear acoustic equations.
  • Alexander Ostermann
    An exponential integrator/WENO discretization for dispersive sonic-boom simulation.
  • Daniel Peterseim
    Computational polyconvexification of isotropic functions.
  • Tristan Pryer
    Structure-preservation in non-Newtonian flows.
  • Mariya Ptashnyk
    Numerical analysis of a time-stepping method for the Westervelt equation with time-fractional damping.
  • Thomas Wihler
    A discrete calculus for variable-order dG time stepping methods.
  • Georgios Zouraris
    On the convergence of a linearly implicit finite element method approximating a nonlinear Schrödinger equation.